SALBES Workshop Münsterland in March 2020

On March 10th 2020, SALBES team members and stakeholders came together to discuss the current situation in Münsterland, to talk about first investigation results and to communicate the further steps of the project. Dr. Peter Zander and Dr. Johannes Schuler presented results from interviews, which had been done with various stakeholders some weeks before and which reflected the different views about topics such as perceived valuable landscape elements, drivers, threats and climate change. The scientists pointed out that future agriculture practice and policies should consider both appropriate prices for agricultural goods and services and a sustainable use of land and resources. Additionally, stakeholders had the chance to present their differing opinions about problems, challenges and social claims. On the one hand, farmers argued that bureaucracy, fluctuating prices and restraints would hinder their possibilities to adapt to climate change and Ecosystem Services protection. On the other hand, the leader of NABU station Münsterland claimed, instead of the current policy practice, a region-specified political support to strengthen biodiversity. Overall, the workshop provided a valuable platform for discussions among stakeholders on the future of the Münsterland region under the influence of climate change and the challenges of maintaining ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Wochenblatt article about Stakeholder Workshop Münsterland in March 2020